Rosie Wilde
The Modern Gentleman's Sweetheart​​
 Gifts are never expected but always appreciated.

I adore books old and new (especially esoteric non-fiction), fresh flowers (particularly highly fragrant blooms [lilies, lilacs, hyacinths, etc.]), strawberries (au natural or ensconced in dark chocolate), bizarre and/or religious artefacts, music on vinyl & memento mori.

I am not fond of floral motifs & am very particular about lace. Gold is my hardware of choice. I do not wear much other than black & would prefer to keep it that way.

​I'm very picky.

I favor Art Deco to Art Nouveau and Rococo to Baroque.

I do not care for wine or chocolates.

For reference, my various sizes are as follows:

Stocking: medium/tall
Hat: 7
  & 1/4

Ring: 7.5
Glove: 7.5 or large
(you know what they say about ladies with big hands...)

Brassieres, overbust corsets & anything likewise structured are not recommended as gifts.

There is no such thing in this life as "one size fits all".

To use as a guide or to guarantee delight, see my wishlist 
or send a gift certificate for Strand Books ,  Maison Close Pleasurements Etsy,  Vint & York  (for fellow spectacle fetishists), Amoralle ,  Journelle ,
Met Museum gift shop ,  or Fraulein Kink

Make a donation in my honor to Tiny Toes Rat Rescue
or to the ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size) Foundation !

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