Rosie Wilde
The Modern Gentleman's Sweetheart​​

 "Truly the most beautiful woman with whom I've ever shared intimacy. Her body is beyond belief. Despite the professional quality of her photos, you have to see her in person to appreciate her natural beauty. Her brain and style suggest that she is 21st-century renaissance woman." -XPCWDOG

"She's a stunning natural beauty and absolutely true to her photographs. Elegant, soft skin, delicate features, gorgeous eyes and an incredible figure...I was transfixed by her attractiveness. And this is more than simply admiring her appearance. I'm referring to the aura; Rosie's total alluring presence. I marveled at how graceful and deliberately she moved; watching her lithe body from across the room, thinking about how fortunate I was to be with her in that moment. It’s hard not to appreciate Ms. Wilde’s aesthetic. She’s genuinely interesting and exudes the perfect blend of confidence, intelligence and sexuality." -CHI-CANON

"She looked so good that I had to regain my composure. She is a fascinating woman and a far deeper person than you would expect from such a young lady."

"How do I describe Rosie? The arch of her brow, her Cupid's bow lips, the swell of her breast, the curve of her hip? Her classic beauty? You can see all that in her pictures. What you can't see is the sparkle in her eye, her slightly shy nature, and her sexy voice." -DOCSPARK

"An intellectual's wet dream." -ALFALFA1965

"Rosie is beyond intriguing. She is a beautiful young woman. She has, as one reviewer put it, 'a body to die for'...Such women were put on this earth just to drive me crazy! Just as important, Rosie is very bright, easy and fun to talk to, attentive, open minded, and down to earth." -MRVANDAM

"A provider who realizes there's a certain art form to their craft. It was surreal, novel...An absolutely terrific time" -SPIKEBOB

"A demure and beautiful delight. She is intelligent beyond her years and her body is to die for. You will find Rosie a treat, a vixen, nymph and beautiful woman."

"She is so stunning in person! A very pretty face, dark hair, porcelain skin, great legs, and an ample pair of natural breasts...She has a playful, flirty way about her that is a big turn on...An unbelievable experience." -MILLEG2

​"She is a wonderful combination of lovely contrasts.  She has an almost shy, very bookish girl-next-door demeanor and beautiful face, but is also intensely sexy and in touch with her passion. Her website gives you a good sense of her appearance (charming -- and ridiculously beautiful breasts) and her aesthetic (Victorian/goth with a healthy dose of irony). Rosie's one of the rare kind that has nothing to hide in her pictures." -TWARD1337

 "A sexy young woman with a sharp intellect and passion for romance." -PEREGRINE47 

"A stunner in every way. She is quite smart, has a fun sarcastic sense of humor, is worldy without being cynical, and physically is every bit as hot as she looks in her photos. Brains beyond her (or most peoples) years, an angelic face, and a body built for admiration and maybe a little sin. Rosie is like the super smart, super sexy friend who you always wondered what it would be like to sleep with, what levels of lust and craving might lie beneath the naughty smile and cool personality. [Time with her] meets any fantasy I could ever have and then some. The woman you fantasize about while meeting other women. " -SEETHREEPEEOH

"[She] exceeded expectations...even after reading the glowing reviews." -HENRYST.2F

All excerpts from The Erotic Review.