Rosie Wilde
The Modern Gentleman's Sweetheart​​
Hello, stranger.
Have you ever glimpsed, out of the corner of your eye, a girl on the train--legs crossed in imitation of a perfect gentlewoman--and wondered what she was like behind closed doors?

biting & resolute.

Coy? Civilized?

At first blush, an easy mistake to make.
At the heart of her, she is playful

and nothing but sweetness: a worthy opponent.

Though make no mistake--unpinnable.


(Most Honorable Lady Luck)
A cosmic conspiracy;
The celestial dance of heavenly bodies.
Divine providence?

In a word, fate.

Really, it was inevitable.
You are drawn like a moth to her eternal flame.

Your paths have doubtlessly touched tangentially many times & in many places

(the Devil will appear to you as the most beautiful creature you can imagine, and always at a crossroads)

[enter R, stage left]

"It was lust at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight."

[tall, trim, a perennial Valentine. Long white legs,
bird-black hair

A lady of leisure and light virtue.

[a crimson cupid's bow strung below two grey eyes]

Shimmering in the heat of New York, a nymph of the pavement.

[Une demure fleur du mal. Une belle de l'heure bleue]

A most dangerous plaything.