Rosie Wilde

The modern gentleman's sweetheart

Have you ever spotted a girl reading on the train and wondered what she was like behind closed doors? I am that girl, pulling up her tall black stockings while smiling and looking you dead in the eye. Playful. Coy. Magical. Anything but ordinary.

I'm a hopeless romantic, an iconoclast, a sweet femme fatale, a contrarian by nature, and an anachronist who longs for the days of the courtesan whose fluttering fan hid her rouged lips and sinful intentions, or of the flirtatious flapper, kicking her legs in the air in unadulterated delight.

Allow me to take you to another world as I enchant you with my dark grey eyes, milk-white skin, bobbed raven hair, and an hourglass figure which others can only hope to imitate though corsetry. My ample breasts are supple and responsive to the touch and invite intrepid fingers. From my long, graceful limbs to my well-defined waist, my body is made for passionate embrace. But most bewitching of all, perhaps, is my strange and sparkling mind (two parts sweet and one part wicked), which is a dangerous thing, indeed.

I have a special talent for connecting with people from all walks of life. The company I seek is unique and intelligent to complement my own. 

Certified Bat Mitzvah

TER Revi ews

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